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The USA is known for as a place with unlimited options, depicted in the great number of available motorhomes from numeorus suppliers and in all shapes and size. Here you can find detailed information about individual suppliers at the very bottom of this page or some tips directly below.

Depending on the rental period, duration and/or distance, certain suppliers may have advantages over others. In our price list you will find a transparent comparison of each supplier's included services. Please use in combination with the price calculator.

Tips On Choosing A Camper Company

Some pointers about the American camper market

The Big Brands

We offer two giants of the American motorhome rental market across a wide selection of cities - Cruise America and El Monte.

Both companies possess huge fleets and will allow you to tick off all the must-see items on either coast, or even go cross-country.

With a range of vehicles that consist of modern, larger family-sized motorhomes or small campers, Cruise America and El Monte will have the vehicle for the perfect US adventure.

Great Alternatives

Other excellent options include Apollo and Best Time RV

Both have extensive fleets - Apollo covers every vehicle imaginable with a variety of large, family options while Best Time has an excellent array of smaller category models, including a nice variety of Jeep options, up to a 23-foot model with a shower and toilet inside. 

Vehicle models are modern and well mainted, and you'll get a speedy response in terms of availability.

Budget Friendly

If you are seeking something that is a little more friendly on the savings account, look no further than these excellent options.

The likes of Escape, Jucy and Travellers Autobarn offer an array of fantastic campers that specialise in mobilty without sacificing comfort.

Be quick! These options are hugely popular and there usually isn't a ton of availability, especially in the summer months.

What To Expect

Renting a camper or motorhome in the US is different to Australia or New Zealand. While every company differs, you generally won't have any miles included in your rate. By using our search function, you can pre-allocate the desired amount of miles you'll need and our results will automatically will include the most affordable mileage plans.

The majority of rental companies also don't offer basics such linen or cooking and eating utensils. Instead they're offered in the form of 'packs' and often included in our 'Premium' offer, or otherwise available to rent at pick-up.

Many suppliers don't offer booking agents a way to reduce the customer deposit or accident excess. Many of our offers include insurance from our international partner, Hansemerkur, that will cover such losses and included in our rate, rather than paying an additional hefty premium at pick-up.

Vehicle suppliers in the US