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Rental Conditions

Travellers Autobarn


All services and inclusions avaliable will be shown on our website and we will automatically apply any special offers (such as Early Bird or Long Term discounts). Please read carefully all general information that is supplied within the offer, especially with respect to amendments and cancellation conditions.


Liability Insurance: Compulsory liability insurance is included in the daily rental price. The vehicles and the rental company Travelers Autobarn are insured in the event of accidents involving damage to third parties and/or their property up to an amount of the Statutory Limit prescribed by law in the Federal State. Additionally included is the SLI insurance provided by Travelers Autobarn. It offers $ 1 million in medical liability insurance and $350,000 in property. 

The Premium Packet features CDW insurance without excess from Travellers Autobarn. This also covers damage to 1 windscreen and 2 tires.

Insurance is not valid if the provisions of the rental agreement signed on pick up are violated. In particular, but not exclusively, this relates to (for example) driving on unauthorised roads, gross negligence, unlawful use of the vehicle, use by an unauthorised driver or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused by frost or overheating, damage caused to tires and windscreen.

Breakdown/Repairs: In the event of accidents, problems, breakdowns or technical difficulties (even with flat tires!), you are obliged to notify the supplier immediately (within 24 hours). The supplier provides a toll-free telephone service at pick-up. In addition to notifying the supplier, the customer must inform the police immediately. Without this, claims may not be recognized. Please note that the accident report must include the name and address of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. The customer must provide Travellers Autobarn with a detailed written report, even for minor damages. Important: If notification is not received immediately and the landlord does not have the opportunity to remedy the situation, there is no entitlement to any compensation. Failure of the reports after accidents also void insurance coverage. Small repairs and necessary expenses up to USD$100 can be carried out without the permission of the supplier, the costs of this will be refunded upon return of the vehicle. For repairs over USD$75, the supplier must be informed in advance and a permit issued. All repairs are only refundable against receipt.

If the vehicle is out of action for more than 12 hours due to damage (* mechanical breakdown - not accident) and the necessary repairs due are not the fault of the customer, Travellers Autobarn will reimburse costs up to the amount of the daily rate for the vehicle for all rental days in which the vehicle fails. Required is the above mentioned notification to the supplier, to give them the opportunity to take care of the problem.

* Mechanical breakdowns that do not obligate Travellers Autobarn to pay a refund include but are not limited to: problems with radio/CD, TV, DVD player, microwave, air conditioning, refrigerator, all appliances such as oven, grill etc, water pump, shower and toilet, generator, awning, automatic staircase, cruise control and GPS.


The supplier does not collect a deposit at vehicle pick-up. Upon pick-up, the credit card details of one of the drivers are recorded. The credit card must belong to a person who will be registered in the rental agreement signed at pick-up.


The excess is calculated per damage. In case of damage, the credit card will be charged again and another authorization will be made.

Free Kilometres/Miles:

The premium package includes unlimited free miles.

One-way Rentals:

One-way rentals (pick-up and return of the vehicle at different locations) are calculated and paid for at pick-up and are mentioned in our offer.


Travellers Autobarn offer for rent child restraint systems, including infant seats and booster seats, for an additional fee of $45 [per rental]. Infant seats may be used in Station-wagons and Hi5 Campervans ONLY (babies must be six months or older to ride in Hi5 Campervans). 

Baby seats cannot be fitted into ANY other campervan class. The fitting and installation of all child restraint systems remains the responsibility of the Renter and you acknowledge that Travellers Autobarn gives no warranty as to the appropriateness, correctness or adequacy of any child restraints fitted in the Vehicle. You agree to comply with each State’s applicable child restraint law. See https://www.travellers-autobarnrv.com/child-restraint-systems for additional information.


The minimum age is 21 years. The customer must present a valid international driver’s permit (“IDP”) if the driver’s license is not written in English. An accredited English translation will be accepted in lieu of an IDP.

One (1) driver is included in the price. Additional drivers can be registered at pick-up for an additional fee. Only the persons listed in the rental contract as drivers are allowed to drive the camper.

Price Calculation:

The rental price is calculated per 24 hours. From 1st to 10th there are 9 rental days. Long-term discount is available from 14 days.

Driving Locations:

Travellers Autobarn vehicles may only be used on paved roads or well-maintained access roads of less than 500 meters to recognized campgrounds or car parks.

Travellers Autobarn reserves the right to restrict vehicle movement in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.

Basically prohibited are:

- driving on unpaved roads

- Travel to Mexico

- Tarvel into the Death Valley from May 1st to September 30th

- Travel to the Burning Man Festival


Local taxes on all services paid in are included in the rates. For all sums to be paid at pick-up in USD, taxes and fees will be added: Las Vegas 8.15%, Los Angeles 10.00% and San Francisco 9.75%. The supplier reserves the right to increase tax amounts (including changes to State taxes) and additional fees at pick-up.

Vehicle Pickup and Dropoff:

Vehicle pick-up is from 09:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Vehicle return is possible from 09:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Transfers are not included.

General Information:

Vehicle type: The supplier reserves the right to provide you with a larger or at least equivalent vehicle if unforeseeable circumstances require it, E.g. if the vehicle intended for you is involved in a last-minute accident. Potential costs for higher fuel costs etc. are not responsibility of the supplier. Camper and RV floor plans and vehicle specifications are subject to change without notice and may vary due to changes or upgrades.

Fines and tolls: Travelers Autobarn charges an additional handling fee of USD$50 per ticket, such as unpaid tolls, speeding tickets, wrong parking etc.

Cleaning Fees: The vehicle must be cleaned and vacuumed inside and out. Alternatively, you can pay a cleaning fee of USD$100 to the supplier and then return the broom clean sweeper. Should the vehicle be returned in a very dirty, unacceptable condition, the supplier will charge a minimum fee of $200.

Gas bottle fee: You will receive the camper with a full gas cylinder and must return it with a full gas cylinder. This must be filled upon vehicle return or a fine will be charged.

Winterization: Damage caused by frost is entirely at the expense of the renter and is not insured. See the manual that accompanies each vehicle which contains important information on how to behave in this event.

Credit card fees: The supplier accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express and requires a credit card fee of 2.2%.


28 days or more before pick-up:
10% of the invoice amount, or at least EUR 200

27-7 days before pick-up:
20 percent of the invoice amount, or at least EUR 350

From 6-1 days before pick-up:
60 percent of the invoice amount, or at least EUR 400

From the day of acquisition:
95 percent of the invoice amount

No pro-rata refund for early return or late pickup.