Sydney Campervan & RV Hire

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW)

Australia's largest city is known for its iconic sights and world famous beaches; it is also an excellent point to start your campervan holiday thanks to its gorgeous coast, array of national parks and great weather. Blue Mountains National Park is 80km west of Sydney and features some amazing flora and fauna while south of the city is Wollongong, a city sitting directly on the beach. Or book one-way and make the scenic drive down to Melbourne and return your vehicle there.


How old do I need to be to hire a campervan or RV?

The minimum age to hire an RV in Western Australia is generally 21, however there are budget rental companies such as Hippie and Jucy that rent to 18 year olds and over. 

What are the best times of year to hire a camper in Sydney?

The peak summer months of December and January as the busiest, and the hardest time to secure a camper, but the climate in this part of Australia is generally great and even the winter months rarely get below eight degrees Celsius. The whale-watching months are between May and November. 

Where are the rental stations in relation to the airport?

Many of our rental partners are not far from Sydney Airport. thl (Britz, Maui and Mighty is located about 8 minutes away (5.7 km), Apollo (Apollo, Star RV, Cheapa, Hippie) roughly 23 minutes (15.4 km) and Cruisin' Motorhomes, 22 minutes (15.3 km) are three examples which are close or near-by. 

What type of licence do I need?

A current and valid driver's licence is required when picking up your rental. Expired, probationary, a learner or provisional licences will be turned away by all rental companies. If your licence is in a foriegn language (not English), your will need a certified translation of your licence or an International Driving Permit. These rules apply also to anyone who wishes to drive the vehicle during the rental period as their details will also need to be included on the rental agreement signed at pick-up. 

Will I be charged a bond/security deposit at pick-up?

The answer to this is almost always yes in all cases. Most rental companies require that customers pay a security deposit equal to the vehicle's excess amount - the sum the renter the liable for in the event there is an accident or the vehicle sustains damage. The amount of the security deposit varies from company to company and which level of insurance chosen. bestCAMPER offers its customers an exclusive in this regard in the form of our BasicPLUS package, where any loss of the excess/bond is covered by our international insurance partner, HanseMerkur.