Motorhome Holidays with Children

Safe and Relaxed

A motorhome holiday is like a cycling trip to a holiday home and is therefore perfect for families with children. Everything you need is at your disposal: a kitchen where you can prepare something to eat; a fridge with cool drinks or simply the option of putting your child to bed; and – if the vehicle is large enough – a sitting corner where parents can enjoy the peace and quiet. However, there are a few things you should consider when choosing a vehicle and planning your journey.

In Australia, baby seats, child car seats, and booster seats have to be firmly attached to the vehicle and there are so-called “anchor points” in vehicles for this purpose. With these, the seating aids are firmly screwed in. For this reason, it is not advisable to bring your own seating aids with you, but rather to take those available on site. Furthermore, it is possible that child car seats brought with you may not meet the legal requirements in your destination. By contrast in the USA, very few rental operators offer the option of renting child car seats, which means that you must either bring your own seat or buy one locally. When booking for children, always give us information about the date of birth, height and weight of the child so that we can advise you accordingly.

Requirements by destination

You can view the respective requirements via the following links:


Installing Seating Aids

Not all providers offer an option for installing a seating aid in all vehicles (e.g. it is not possible to attach a baby car seat in any models by APOLLO). In addition, the number of seating aids which can be used in one vehicle depends on the type of seat and model. It is therefore essential that you provide us with the information mentioned above (date of birth, height, weight) so that we can advise you accordingly. Due to liability reasons, seating aids are not attached when you pick up your vehicle and are only installed together with you. 

Safety Aspects to Consider When Travelling

When choosing a model, you should not ignore safety, even if it costs you more money. In New Zealand it is possible, for example, to fix a booster seat onto the passenger seat with the seat belt in a small Hitop motorhome, but then there is only an auxiliary seat in the middle with a waist belt available for the second adult. This auxiliary seat also has no headrest. This is permitted by law – we would, however, advise against it. In this case it is better to choose the “Voyager” model from BRITZ or the “Endeavour” model from APOLLO. With these models, there is a backseat with 2 fully adequate 3-point-safety belts. This, of course, also applies to large motorhomes.

Travelling in Comfort

The choice of vehicle should also be oriented around the length of the journey, the travel area and the prevailing climatic conditions for the time. If you, for example, are travelling during New Zealand’s winter (approx. June – August), you should then choose a larger motorhome as you will not be able to stay outdoors in the evening. However, you should then also be aware that heating the vehicle when travelling may not always provide a comfortable level of warmth. Nevertheless, during midsummer in Australia (December – February) it is also advisable to rent a motorhome as you will then have air conditioning. There are very many aspects to consider – get in touch with us and we will happy to advise you. 

Tips for the Journey

Make sure you plan legs which are not too long, or at least plan regular breaks. Bear in mind that communication while travelling is only possible to a limited extent due to engine noise. If you have a suitable motorhome, one adult can even sit with the children. If you have been on the go for several days, treat yourself to a few days‘ break in a beautiful place – it will make the holiday more enjoyable. Many camping sites have areas where children can play. On my own travels, I have even seen a lot of trampolines at camping sites. It is pure joy to be able to properly stretch your legs after a long journey.