Driving License

Is Category B Sufficient?

Uncertainty regarding the valid driving licences for motorhomes

Many customers contact us asking whether e.g. the German “B” driving licence from 1999 is also valid for large motorhomes, in case the permissible total weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes. Motorhomes booked with bestCAMPER in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Canada may be used by category B licence holders without insurance restrictions. We will also accept any new bookings without restrictions.

General Use of Driving Licence

GAs a matter of principle, the driving licence must be legible in English, otherwise in Australia and New Zealand, an international driving licence or a verified translation is required in addition to the national driving licence. For all current versions of driving licences in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, the additional document is required.

Weight Limits

Since 1999, the category “B” driving licence has allowed for a weight limit of 3.5 tonnes of the permissible total weight. According to local laws in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Canada, this does not apply for rented motorhomes. The rental operators have given us the following statement: "Our insurance companies in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada have re-confirmed where the driver has a valid and current drivers licence to permit issued overseas, which could normally be valid for the driver to drive a car in their country of residence, it is agreed that this will be recognised as an appropriate licence for them to drive vehicles booked with bestCAMPER".

Additional insurance (z.B. Excess insurance, amendment to liability)

After consulting with the insurance company, we can confirm that the HanseMerker insurance policies offered by us are also not affected, as the category B driving licence is valid for driving all motorhomes booked through bestCAMPER in Australia, New Zealand, the USA or Canada : “If the leaseholder of the vehicle has the driving licence to hire the vehicle in the respective country, insurance cover exists within the general conditions of insurance.”


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us!