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Destination New Zealand

Discover New Zealand in a mobile home, motorhome or campervan

Kia Ora in New Zealand

New Zealand's two islands offer tourists amazing landscapes, wildlife, culture and memories. See a selection of picturesque environments- from snow-capped mountains to thermal springs and geysers, as well as fjords and glaciers. Explore and discover the friendliness of the locals (a New Zealander is affectionately known as a Kiwi), the trendy bigger cities and indigenous Maori culture! New Zealand is about experiencing freedom to the fullest!

New Zealand is an all-year round destination, with camper and mobile home travel certainly more beautiful during warmer periods between September and May. Many travellers flock to the country during these parts of the year and it is therefore worthwhile to book your vehicle well in advance. New Zealand can be enjoyed without having to miss the comforts of home. Travelling with a motorhome is easy as campsites offer everything one could want and expect.

Price Calculator

Enter your dates and pick-up/return locations for a detailed overview of what is on offer in a variety of different vehicles. By clicking 'PDF Information' next to the each vehicle's image, you can get an accurate quote and see what each package includes, as well as any compulsory payments due at vehicle pick-up.

Vehicle Models

Find out about the various model groups and which rental companies have what models on offer. For each vehicle see detailed information, pictures and - if available - also videos for an internal view.


Tips On Choosing A Camper Company

Some pointers about the New Zealand camper market

The Big Operators

The two major motorhome operators in Australia are Tourism Holdings Limited and the Apollo brand. Both have their own individual companies of motorhomes catered towards different levels of vehicles.

THL's top-end range are Maui, with Britz being their line of re-branded Maui vehicles that have over two years of use on them, and Mighty their range of older vehicles for travellers on a budget. In a a similar set-up, Star RV leads the Apollo brand as the brand-new vehicles in their fleet, followed by Apollo, Cheapa and Hippie for budget conscious campers. 

The Lesser Known Alternatives

Pacific Horizon and McRent represent two options outside of the big two that are both reliable and feature strong customer support.

While their fleets are not as large as the bigger competitors, both offer a range of vehicles in various sizes featuring newer vehicles and modern interiors. 

McRent have rental stations in Auckland and Christchurch, as does Pacific Horizon while also offering Wellington.


Budget Friendly Options

A number of our New Zealand partners provide fantastic vehicles for 2-5 travellers at great prices. Albeit often older models, they are well-maintained and fantastic options to get you across the two islands.

Among these are the likes of Jucy Rentals, Travellers Autobarn and Escape, with each offering unique-styled vehicles in all shapes and sizes 

Spaceships provide extremely affordable options in the form of car and van-converted vehicles that allow for extra mobility and somewhere comfortable to rest your head at night.

What To Expect

Some things you can expect (in general) when renting a camper or motorhome:

  • Items such as linen, pillows, cooking/eating utensils are included in the price with most rental companies
  • Our quote will list any compulsory payments due at vehicle pick-up, such as one-way fees.
  • Every insurer includes insurance, however this varies from rental company to rental company and level of insurance between different packages; either Basic, BasicPLUS or Premium.