COVID-19 Crisis Information

This page will be updated as further information becomes available

Dear customers,

Like many industries across the globe, tourism has been greatly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Borders have closed in many destinations and the countries are taking huge steps to quell the virus’ spread, often without warning.

Many of our customers across Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are also seeing their holidays and bookings impacted. We’d like to begin by thanking you all for your patience and understanding during these trying times.

This page will offer frequent updates on the state of the situation.

We have been forced to cancel all bookings to countries with closed borders for all pick-ups up until the 31.07.2020. These are currently awarded free of charge and customers with pick-up dates through to this date are being contacted with information as to their options. If restrictions continue, the cancellation policy is likely to continue at this stage. Those customers impacted have been contacted and provided information as to the timeline on full refunds. This situation remains a priority for bestCAMPER and customers will be informed as soon as more information becomes available. Any customers able to accept a voucher to the same value of their booking for a 24-month period are also greatly appreciated from our end.

United States

A 30-day ban was placed on travel into the United States from European nations on the 13.03.2020.

The Whitehouse proclomation covering the ban can be found here


Only Canadian citizens have been granted entry since March 18.

Border crossings between the US and Canada are only being awarded to customers in absolutely necessary situations.

All travellers entering the country must practice social distancing for 14 days. Information on border closures can be found at the following link via the Canadian Goverment's website.

As of the 30.03.2020, Canada further restrictions ntil June 30, 2020, on all foreign nationals coming from any country other than the United States (U.S.). Certain restrictions will apply to those travelling from the U.S.
These new restrictions prohibit foreign nationals, including U.S. nationals, from entering Canada for non-essential travel.


As of 20 March 2020, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members have been allowed to travel to Australia.

The current policy is being reviewed month to month. More information can be found by clicking on this link.

New Zealand

New Zealand too has closed its borders since March 19 to all non-citizens.

The country is on lock-down meaning all non-essential services have been closed. It is expected to last for 14 days. Further information is available from the New Zealand Immigration Website