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Rental Conditions

Crikey Camper


All services and inclusions avaliable will be shown on our website and we will automatically apply any special offers (such as Early Bird or Long Term discounts). Please read carefully all general information that is supplied within the offer, especially with respect to amendments and cancellation conditions.


All packages include basic insurance cover with an excess of AUD 6,000. You are able to reduce this excess by purchasing additional insurance when picking up the vehicle. Details of these costs will be included in our offer.

Alternatively you can book the Premium Package which includes the comprehensive insurance cover and additional included items.

As a another alternative, we also offer our Standard Plus Package, which is coverage from a German insurance policy. Information on this "Exclusion Policy" can be found within our offer or on our website.

Insurance will not cover damage caused by negligence; salt water or driving through flooded areas; single vehicle rollover; by using wrong or contaminated fuel; awnings; slide outs; or personal belongings.

Damage to the roof structure and demurrage (when the vehicle can no longer be rented out due to damage) will be charged up to $6,000, even if additional insurance is purchased.


Bond payment relating to your chosen level of damage excess must be paid in full by credit card on the day of pick up and therefore your credit card will require to have sufficient funds available at pick up. The bond must also be paid even in the event of the hirer having an excess insurance policy issued by a third party company.
All credit card payments will be subject to an administration fee.
The rental company will not be liable for any exchange rate loss or currency fluctuations charged by the credit card company.
Should you select an $0 excess reduction option the funds will be authorised on your credit card and only debited in the event of an accident or traffic infringement.
The credit card holder must be named in the rental agreement and signed for upon pick up of the vehicle.

Deposit processing fees: Please note that the supplier charges credit card fees when debiting the deposit.

Only Visa and MasterCard possible. 1.5%


The damage excess will be charged per incident regardless of the cause of the damage, who claims responsibility or if other vehicles are involved.

Free Kilometres/Miles:

All packages always include unlimited kilometres.

One-way Rentals:

One way hire fees are included in the daily rates.


Please always advise the age of children at the time of travel and we will ensure that your selected vehicle has suitable child seat restraints. Child seats and booster seats are available for hire at an additional cost or may be included in the rental rate. We do not recommend you bring your own child or baby seats as these may not comply with local laws.


All drivers must be 25 years of age or older and hold a current valid driver's licence which is to be produced when signing the rental agreement up pick up. Driver's licences that are not in English must be accompanied by an authorised English translation of the licence or an International Driving Permit.

Combined Rentals:

Vehicle rentals can be combined within 3 months to receive long term discounts for all rentals, providing all bookings are made at the same time.

Price Calculation:

Prices are calculated per calendar day. The day of pick up is considered as Day 1 and the day of drop off is the last day, regardless of the pick up or drop off time. For example a rental from the 1st to 10th of the month will be a 10 day rental. Long term discounts are available from 21 days onwards.

Driving Locations:

On-road caravans are not permitted on any un-sealed road, being a road or track not sealed with a hard material such as tar, bitumen or concrete with exception of roadways within designated caravan parks.

4WD and/or off-road safari campers are not permitted on the following areas:

  • Canning Stock Route
  • Fraser Island
  • Simpson Desert
  • Old Telegraph Track, Cape York
  • Any beach, below the high tide mark
  • Unformed tracks



Australian GST (currently 10%) is included in all packages.

Vehicle Pickup and Dropoff:

Pick up and drop off of the vehicle is only possible at the specified depot within the depot hours, which you are able to find on our website. Transfers are not included.

General Information:

The rental company reserves to the right to provide a similar sized or larger vehicle with all the same features and inclusions should circumstances deem this necessary (eg, if the allocated vehicle was damaged immdiately before you hire). Any additional costs regarding a larger vehicle such as fuel and ferry costs are at your expense.

The rental company reserves the right to charge administration fees for the handling of any traffic fines issued during your hire. All fines must be settled directly with the issuing authority.

You are required to monitor oil and water levels of the vehicle. Please keep the receipt should you be required to purchase engine oil and this will be refunded to you at the end of your hire.

Cleaning fees: The camper must be returned completely cleaned from inside and outside.

Please read carefully the vehicle company conditions with respect to vehicle damage and insurance excess.

The credit card fees for the deposit can be found in the "Deposit" section. All other pay at pick up charges will incur the following credit card fees:

Only Visa and MasterCard possible. 1.5%


Up to 60 days before pick-up:
15 percent of the invoice amount

59-22 days before pick-up:
35 percent of the invoice amount

From 21 days of pick-up:
95 percent of the invoice amount
*Or the equivalent at the time of cancellation in the currency chosen at the time of booking