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Destination Australia

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G'day and welcome to Australia

Whether it be the Opera House in Sydney, Ayers Rocks, Great Barrier Reef diving or stroking a Koala Bear - Australia offers each individual a personal and unforgettable experience! This unique continent at the other end of the world is as diverse and varied as any other land.

A country so diverse requires an equally diverse range of campers to choose from to best suit your trip. You may want to explore the vineyards with a large mobile home, discover the best surf spots with the small Minicamper or sleep under the outback's stars with a 4WD terrain camper.

Recommending the best travel period is simply impossible as the country stretches across different climate zones. While January is gorgeous in the south, it's the rainy season in the north. And while winter cools the south in July, it's the best time for exciting 4WD tours in the Kimberleys. We are happy to provide you with advice!

Price Calculation

Enter your rental data into the price calculator to receive a clear overview of the vehicles, prices and services quickly and easily. You can filter the price list according to your preferences to find your desired vehicle type faster.

Rental Overview

On the left, click on "Suppliers" to find out more about the different vehicle providers. You will receive detailed information about the rental conditions, the depots, current special offers or the vehicle fleet.


Vehicle Models

Find out about the various model groups and which rental companies have what models on offer. For each vehicle see detailed information, pictures and - if available - also videos for an internal view.

Special Offers

Suppliers always have specials on offer to maximise the use of their fleet. Here you will find quick overview of those deals - with the ability to filter out certain suppliers. The majority of the special offers are already applied in our price calculator. Please note that special offers usually can not be combined and only apply to new bookings.


Tips On Choosing A Camper Company

Some pointers about the Australian camper market

The Big Operators

The two major motorhome operators in Australia are Tourism Holdings Limited and the Apollo brand. Both have their own individual companies of motorhomes catered towards different levels of vehicles. THL's top-end range are Maui, with Britz being their line of re-branded Maui vehicles that have over two years of use on them, and Mighty their range of older vehicles for travellers on a budget. In a a similar set-up, Star RV leads the Apollo brand as the brand-new vehicles in their fleet, followed by Apollo, Cheapa and Hippie for budget conscious campers. 

The Lesser Known Alternatives

Cruisin' Motorhomes is amoung the fantastic alternatives outside the big two and are a reliable, customer-orientated supplier on the East Coast with origins in Hobart. Not quite as large as the major two, the Cruisin' fleet consists of newer vehicles in every category. Like bestCamper, it's a family-run business that is known for providing excellent customer service and a high standard of vehicle. 

Other great options include Lets Go and Adventure Rentals, Red Sands and Crickey for 4WD vehicles.

Budget Friendly Options

There are a number of suppliers in Australia that provide fantastic vehicles for 2-5 travellers at great prices.

The likes of Jucy Rentals, Travellers Autobarn, Mighty, Cheapa and Hippie, among others, each offer unique-styled vehicles in all shapes and sizes 

Spaceships and Lucky are two companies that provide extremely affordable options in the form of car and van-converted vehicles that allow for extra mobility and somewhere comfortable to rest your head at night.

What To Expect

Some things you can expect (in general) when renting a camper or motorhome:

  • Items such as linen, pillows, cooking/eating utensils are included in the price with most rental companies
  • Our quote will list any compulsory payments due at vehicle pick-up, such as one-way fees.
  • Every insurer includes insurance, however this varies from rental company to rental company and level of insurance between different packages; either Basic, BasicPLUS or Premium.