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Rental Conditions

Britz Rentals


All services and inclusions avaliable will be shown on our website and we will automatically apply any special offers (such as Early Bird or Long Term discounts). Please read carefully all general information that is supplied within the offer, especially with respect to amendments and cancellation conditions.


All packages include basic insurance cover with an excess of R/N $ 45,000.00. You are able to reduce this excess by purchasing additional insurance when picking up the vehicle. Details of these costs will be included in our offer.

Alternatively you can book the Premium Package which includes the comprehensive insurance cover and additional included items.

As a another alternative, we also offer our BasisPLUS Package, which is coverage from a German insurance policy. Information on this "Exclusion Policy" can be found within our offer or on our website.

No insurance covers damage: Any terms of the rental contract is breached; Damages are sustained whilst the renter/driver is in violation of any traffic laws or ordinances; Damage to the vehicle is caused by careless, wilful or reckless driving; The vehicle was driven in a country in which written approval was not obtained from THRSA; Damage is incurred due to incorrect use of the hand brake; The damage is to the clutch (An allowance of up to three days after collection is given, in which time a faulty clutch can be reported. Thereafter, it is deemed as the renter’s responsibility); Roll-overs are not covered in any liability cover options. A roll over is defined as a vehicle sustaining all types of damage due to it not being on all 4 wheels; The incorrect fuel is pumped into the fuel tank and/or fuel in the water tank will incur a R/N$ 20,000-00/ US$1539 cost.>
Damage caused by water, including corrosion or salt water damage. A vehicle may not go through water higher than 30cm in depth;  not covered include: damage or loss of kitchen or camping equipment, including refrigerator, tents and GPS. For luggage and private items there is no insurance coverage.


Should the renter experience mechanical issues or malfunctions, Britz must be notified within 24 hours. Damage to the clutch is never covered. A defective clutch must be reported within three days after acceptance of the vehicle, otherwise the operator will charge ZAR / NAD 12,500, - or USD 962, - for a new clutch, including installation.

Processing fee

Processing fees of ZAR / NAD 500, - (or USD 38, -) apply to all damage to vehicles/insurance cases.


The security deposit will be deducted from the credit card at vehicle pick up. This also applies to the Basis Plus package, even with the excess covered by a German insurance. For the Basis and BasisPLUS package there is a deposit figure of ZAR/NAD 45.000, - (or USD 3.462, -). With the Premium package the deposit is only from ZAR / NAD 3.000, - (or USD 231, -).

Attention: The operator accepts only VISA and Mastercard. Please ensure that your credit card has sufficient credit at the time of pick up. The credit card must belong to a person registered in the rental contract as a driver. The deposit can only be made with a credit card. Any interest-exchange losses on refund of the deposit can not be claimed from us, nor from the operator. The operator does not charge credit card fees.

The deposit will be refunded within 21-30 working days of returning the vehicle.


The co-payment is calculated per claim, regardless of the question of guilt and/or the involvement of another vehicle. In case of damage, the credit card will be debited again in the amount of the excess.

Free Kilometres/Miles:

All packages include unlimeted kilometers.

One-way Rentals:

One-way rental fees (pick-up and return of the vehicle at different locations) are calculated at pick up and are mentioned in our price list and the offer. The amount of the fees depends on the route and are between ZAR/NAD 1.000 - 8.000 (USD 115-700).


Please be sure to let us know if you are traveling with children under the age of 8, so that we can clarify the suitability of your vehicle in advance. Child seats or booster seats can be rented on site. We recommend not to bring your own child seats, as these may not comply with local regulations.


The minimum age is 21 years and the maximum age is 85. International driver's license or a certified translation is required along with your driver's license. In the locally closed rental agreement only personally present persons can be registered. Only the persons registered in the local rental agreement are entitled to drive the vehicle.

Combined Rentals:

Maui and Britz rentals in South Africa can be combined within 12 months to benefit from long-term discounts, but these must be booked together and have a minimum rental period of 11 days per country.

Price Calculation:

l days are charged per calendar day. From 1st to 10th there are 10 rental days. Long-term discount is available from 21 rental days.

Driving Locations:

All-wheel drive vehicles can be driven on public roads and gravel roads, as well as on public 4WD tracks in Botswana, Mozambique (only up to Vilanculous), Namibia, South Africa, Zambia (only up to Livingstone) and Zimbabwe (as far as Harare).

Trips to Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Angola are not allowed. Due to climatic conditions and political influences, territorial restrictions can occur on a short term basis.

The vehicle may not be driven through water deeper than 30cm and must not come into contact with salt water (in the event of damage due to infringement, any insurance cover will expire).


Border crossings to Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland incur potential fees of ZAR/NAR 650, - (or USD 50, -). The fees charged by national officials associated with border crossing (such as visas) are not included and are additional. Border crossings and related applications must be arranged by the renter himself.


Included in the rental prices is the local tax for South Africa 14%. Namibia 15% and 12% in Botswana (as of July 2017).

Vehicle Pickup and Dropoff:

The pick-up and return of vehicles is only possible at the depot and only during opening hours. Please note the detailed depot information. Vehicle pick-up can take 2-3 hours and return up to 1 hour.

Pick up and returns on Saturdays are from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. On Sundays and public holidays ick ups and returns are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and incur a fee of ZAR/NAD 500, - or USD 38, - payable at the depot.

In Johannesburg, Cape Town, Maun and Windhoek you can collect and return your vehicle at the appropriate depot. For all other countries, there is no permanent depots. The vehicle will be delivered for the rental.

Britz offers a free transfer service between the airport/hotel or city hotel and the rental station within a radius of 25km. Transfers within a radius of 25-70km to the rental station incur a fee of ZAR/NAR 400, - (or USD 31, -). Please let us know in if you would like a transfer. An employee of the operator will then pick you up from the airport/hotel.

If the vehicle is returned later than agreed or after office hours, the operator will charge a fee equal to the daily rent.

The vehicle must be returned with the same fuel level as at pick up otherwise, you will be charged for gasoline as well as a processing fee. ** Special: For all bookings of 14 days or more, one tank is included allowing you to leave the vehicle with an empty tank at the rental station.

The vehicle must be returned with a clean interior and exterior so that any damage can be identified. Waste water tank and toilet must be emptied upon return. Britz reserves the right to charge a fee of ZAR/NAR 1.000, - (or USD 72, -) in case of non-compliance.

General Information:

The rental company reserves to the right to provide a similar sized or larger vehicle with all the same features and inclusions should circumstances deem this necessary (eg, if the allocated vehicle was damaged immdiately before you hire). Any additional costs regarding a larger vehicle such as fuel and ferry costs are at your expense. Camper and RV floor plans and vehicle specifications are subject to change without notice and may vary due to changes or upgrades.

The operator is available by phone from 8:00 to 22:00 clock. Please note that the vehicles are equipped with a GPS transmitter for safety reasons, so that the operator can locate the vehicle if necessary.

The rental company reserves the right to charge administration fees for the handling of any traffic fines issued during your hire. All fines must be settled directly with the issuing authority.

You are required to monitor oil and water levels of the vehicle. Please keep the receipt should you be required to purchase engine oil and this will be refunded to you at the end of your hire. It is important to note the information provided by the operator and or the insurance instructions- in regard to what to do in case of an accident. Small repairs (not applicable to radio, air conditioning, refrigerator or microwave) up to the amount of ZAR/NAD 1,000, - or USD 77, - may be made without consulting Britz and will be refunded upon presentation of a receipt. The renter is responsible for the repair or replacement of a damaged tire. 

Pick up and tolls: Pick ups and returns in Durban and Port Elizabeth incur a fee of ZAR 1.000, - which is to paid at pick up. When renting and dropping in Kasane there is a transfer fee of USD 115, - rentals and returns in Victoria Falls incur a ZAR 8,000 surcharge, -. - There is a toll of ZAR 500, - or USD 38, - for pick-up and drop-off in Johannesburg. All are to be paid at pick-up.

Currency: The settlement in Namibia is in NAD, the settlement in South Africa in ZAR and the settlement in Botswana in USD.

The operator only accepts VISA / MasterCard. The operator does not charge credit card fees.

  • Stornierung bis 25 Tage vor Übernahme:
    5 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags

  • Stornierung 24-7 Tage vor Übernahme:
    30 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags

  • Stornierung 7-1 Tag vor Übernahme:
    55 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags

  • Stornierung ab dem Tag der Übernahme:
    95 Prozent des Rechnungsbetrags

Keine anteilige Erstattung bei vorzeitiger Rückgabe oder verspäteter Abholung.