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Rental Conditions



All services and inclusions avaliable will be shown on our website and all discounts (such as Early Bird or Long Term discounts) will be automatically applied. Please read through all general information supplied within the offer, especially with respect to amendments and cancellation conditions.


Liability insurance: All packages include third-party liability insurance. 


* Basic package: This package includes the vehicle supplier's basic insurance. The renter is responsible for the first NAD40,000 in damages.'

* BasicPLUS package: In the event of an accident, you will receive a refund of the excess from our international insurance partner. See ‘Insurance’

* Premium package: the suppliers best insurance, which reduces the excess to NAD2500 for the Toyota Hilux and NAD2000 for the Toyota Landcruiser and additionally covers the following damage: Glass and tire damage.

Excluded from any insurance coverage are:

Clutch, Undercarriage, Damage by Water, Off-road Damage, Towing cost, Fire, Theft, Static Objects and Overturning.

Damage notification: In the event of accidents, problems, breakdowns or technical difficulties, you are obliged to notify the supplier immediately during business hours or otherwise within 24 hours after the occurrence of the incident. If this message is not received immediately and the supplier does not have the opportunity to remedy the situation, the customer is not entitled to any compensation.

It is important to note the information provided by the supplier on how to behave in case of damage.


The deposit will be blocked from a credit card at vehicle pick-up. This also applies for the BasicPLUS package or if you have purchased additional insurance from another company.

Please ensure that your credit card has sufficient balance at the time of pick-up. The credit card must belong to a person registered in the rental contract as a driver. The deposit can only be made with a credit card.

Deposit processing fees: The vehicle supplier accepts only Visa/MasterCard and does not charge any credit card fees.

Exchange rate fluctuations: Any exchange rate fluctuations on the refund of the deposit are at the customer's expense/benefit.

The deposit will be refunded within 12 working days of returning the vehicle.


The deductible is calculated per claim, regardless of the question of guilt and/or the involvement of another vehicle. In case of damage, the credit card will be debited again in the amount of the excess.

Free Kilometres/Miles:

All packages include unlimited free kilometers.


One-way Rentals:

One-way rental fees (pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle at different locations) are allowed, but will always incur an additional fee. This can be found in our offer.


Please be sure to let us know if you are traveling with children under the age of 8, so that we can clarify the suitability of your vehicle in advance. Child seats or booster seats can be rented at pick-up. We recommend not to bring your own child seats, as these may not comply with local regulations.


The minimum age is 23 years and the maximum age is 85 years. A foreign driver's licence is not sufficient and must also be accompanied by an international driver's license or a certified translation of the licence. In the locally closed rental agreement only personally present persons can be registered. Only the persons registered in the local rental agreement are entitled to drive the vehicle. In the  rental agreement signed at pick-up only personally present persons can be registered to drive the vehicle. Only the persons registered in the rental agreement are entitled to drive the vehicle.

Price Calculation:

The rental price is calculated per night. From 1st to 10th equals 9 rental days.

Pick-up and drop-off must ocurr at the same time slot.

Driving Locations:

AfriCar vehicles may only be driven on official roads.

Border crossings to Botswana, Zimbabwe (only Victoria Falls), South Africa and Namibia are allowed and free of charge, but must be registered with AfriCar in advance.


The 15% Namibian local tax has already been included in our prices.

Vehicle Pickup and Dropoff:

The pick-up and return of vehicles is only possible at the AfriCar depot and only during opening hours. The pick-up and return must take place at the same time slot.

AfriCar offers a free airport shuttle.

General Information:

Vehicle type: The supplier reserves the right to provide you with a larger or at least equivalent sized vehicle, if unforeseen circumstances, for example a last minute accident, require the issusing of a replacement vehicle. The supplier is not responsible for any associated charges, for example higher fuel costs, etc. Camper and RV floor plans and vehicle specifications are subject to change without notice and may vary due to changes or upgrades.

Cleaning Fees: The vehicle is to be returned clean. Fees will apply if the vehicle is not returned cleaned. 

Parking fines and handling fees: The vehicle supplier does not charges fees for the processing of damages, as well as for fines - the costs of the traffic offenses will be charged separately by the responsible authority.

Currencies: Payments at pick-up in Namibia are charged in NAD.

The vehicle supplier only accepts VISA/MasterCard. The supplier does not charge credit card fees.


30+ days before departure 25% 
From 29 - 22 days prior to departure 30% 
From 21 - 15 days prior to departure 45% 
from 14 - 10 days prior to departure 60% 
from 9 - 4 days prior to Travel beginning 80% 
from the 3rd day prior to pick-up to day of pick-up 85%
*or live equivalent of currency booked